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NEW! – From Your Education & Recreation Resource (as of July 22, 2020)

NEW! - From Your Education & Recreation Resource (as of July 22, 2020)


Illusion and magic exist in the real world. You just have to be creative and diligent about where you look. Chimerical colors are one kind of impossible colors that our eyes cannot normally see due to either the way our cone cells react to light or the way our visual cortex interprets those reactions. They demonstrate intriguing paradoxical effects like normal colors appearing darker than black, brighter than white, or deeper than pure, fully saturated colors.

Physicists, biologists, and philosophers use chimerical colors to help understand exactly how our eyes work and what that means for how we subjectively experience color. Whether you want to just enjoy the magic of seeing impossible colors or dive deeper into how colors work, your library has got you covered this summer.

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