Donate Used Books/CDs/DVDs/Audiobooks

Donate Your Materials to the Friends Of Moffat Library

Your donation of materials is a way of enhancing library services.

Donate your gently-used books, music CDs, DVDs and audiobooks to the Moffat Library Friends group.  Any books that do not become part of the Library’s collection benefit the Library by becoming items of the Friend’s Book Sale. The money raised goes back to the Library in the form of materials and programs for the library.

We appreciate any donations you are able to give to the library. However, we can not accept magazines, textbooks, or reader’s condensed books. We are looking for gently-used materials that are in good condition – not dusty, dirty, yellowed, damaged, mildewed/smelly or bug infested.

You may also make a memorial donation. The donor receives a thank you, the honoree receives an acknowledgement and a book plate is placed inside the book recognizing the person. All donations are tax deductible.

Gifts Policy
The Moffat Library of Washingtonville will encourage and accept gifts with the understanding that gifts of materials will be added to the collection if they meet the same standards of purchased materials. Gift materials not meeting these standards, those that are out-of-date, unneeded duplicates of items already owned, or those in a format not suitable for library use, may be given to other organizations, sold at the Friends Book Sale or other library sale, or otherwise disposed of as the library deems appropriate.

Gift items will be integrated into the regular library collections in normal sequence, available to all library patrons, and otherwise handled as any other material belonging to the Library.

Gift items may be marked with an appropriate bookplate. A letter for tax purposes may be given to the donor if requested at the time the donation is made, acknowledging the receipt of the gift. The Library will not determine a dollar amount for books or other in-kind donations.