Great Courses Collection

The Great Courses

The Teaching Company has been partnering with world-class educators and institutions to deliver the best in college-level learning that fits your life and your schedule. Their Great Courses series is general interest intellectual stimulation, meant to stir curiosity, wonder, and understanding. With hundreds of courses ranging across diverse academic disciplines such as history, economics, science, mathematics, philosophy and religion, travel and recreation, music, and scholastic and professional growth, The Teaching Company partners with exceptional experts and beloved college professors to deliver a passion for learning. Conveniently available in both audio and video formats as well as physically and digitally, The Great Courses have been a valuable source of education for over 20 years.

Our Physical Collection

We have a wide range of DVD and CD audiobook courses available for borrowing. You can browse our catalog for Great Courses materials here to get a sense of what we have available. Alternatively, stop by our special Great Courses section near our other AV materials by the circulation desk to discover something new today!

If we do not have a course addressing your chosen topic, it is possible that another library has one. If we are able to locate a suitable Teaching Company course, we can place a hold on it and get it delivered to Moffat Library for pickup in a few days.

On Kanopy

Kanopy is a video streaming service that is free with your library card. You can learn more about Kanopy and get started here [link or button: Kanopy landing page]. One of its best features is unlimited access to online Great Courses lectures. These are the same video lectures that you would borrow from the library or purchase directly from The Teaching Company. Search Kanopy’s Great Courses collection here or simply browse Kanopy’s different documentary categories to see what else might be available!