About the Friends

FOML Membership Renewal

Hello to all Friends of the Moffat Library-

Thank you for supporting FOML over this past year and we hope you will renew your support for the upcoming year.

The Friends of the Moffat Library and its many generous members continued to support the Moffat library and its programs and to promote the library’s role in the Blooming Grove/Washingtonville community throughout this past year. FOML is a member of the Blooming Grove/Washingtonville Chamber of Commerce, the New York Library Association and Friends of Library Section; thus maintaining our commitment to advocacy for the Moffat Library.

FOML is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. Thus, contributions to FOML are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

The Board of Directors of the Friends of the Moffat Library looks forward to your joining FOML for the upcoming year and asks for your assistance in its efforts to be an effective advocate for the Moffat Library.


Download the 2023-2024 FOML Application Form


Complete the renewal form and send it with your membership dues to the address on the form

We look forward again to having you as a Friend and working together with you on programs planned for the coming year!

FOML Board of Directors & Meeting Schedule


Mary Ann Marrero, President

Christine Frisbee, Vice-President

Kelly Lynch Moloney, Publicity Chair

Heather Shupe Cheatham, Fundraising Chair

Kathleen O'Hare, Treasurer

Bernadette Mullady, Membership Chair

Kathy Foley, Secretary

Maureen Knipp, Advisory Board

Vance Consalvo, Liaison to Library Board

Denise Terzian, Staff Liaison

FOML Board meetings are the 4th Tuesday of every month @ 6:00 - 7:30 PM via Zoom

For information about the Friends Of Moffat Library, please call the library (845) 496-5483 x 324 or email: moffat@rcls.org