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Moffat Library of Washingtonville
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Washingtonville, New York 10992
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Restored. Renewed. Reimagined.

Q&A of the Week

Thanks to Those Supporting the Campaign for a “Restored, Renewed and Reimagined” Moffat Library!

I see it as a community congregant point for our residents – old and young, and an integral part of our community.
Robert Fromaget – Blooming Grove Supervisor

The Moffat Library has been the heart and soul of the Village of Washingtonville for generations.  The restoration of this historic landmark would provide a much-needed stimulus for economic growth in the downtown area.
Rick LewisPresident, Blooming Grove Washingtonville Chamber of Commerce.

We look forward to the restoration and return of the historic Moffat Library to the village.  The library will be a beautiful centerpiece serving the total community.
Mark and Carol Roe, Former Blooming Grover Councilman; owners of Roe’s Orchards.

This is an ideal opportunity to support our local library in adapting to the advances offered in the Digital Era.  Your vote will not only enhance the many services that Moffat Library provides; but, it will also establish a community space for residents to come together to enjoy an ever-changing range of activities to meet the interests of all.
Frank Fornario – Former Blooming Grove Town Councilman and Town Supervisor.

I look forward to our Moffat Library, back in the middle of town, equipped for patrons of all ages, with the best offerings of the 21st century.  Come vote with me on March 3 and be part of the reality.
Rosemarie Werkman, Life Long Resident.

The Board of the Village of South Blooming Grove and I strongly support and endorse the proposed renovation of the Moffat Library in Washingtonville.  It is good for our children and all members of our community and would preserve and enhance a beautiful, iconic landmark.  Please vote in favor of this important proposal!
Rob Jerolomen, Mayor Village of South Blooming Grove.

The Moffat Library stands as not only a tribute to our past, but a path to our future through its historic significance and educational excellence.  This has been made possible through public support and enrollment in the numerous activities, community enrichment programs, and continued dedication of the Moffat Library Board.
David Heintz, Mayor Village of Washingtonville.

What Will the Project Cost and How Will it be Financed?

Question & Answer, Week of February 8

What Will the Project Cost and How Will it be Financed? 
A fundraising campaign has begun and to date we have raised $621.991. We are also applying for grants which will defray some of the costs. There will be a vote on a bond issue on March 3, 2015 at the Moffat Library temporary location. The Library will be seeking to borrow up to $6,922,000.  Our financial advisors have indicated that on an average house with a fair market value of $250,000-$300,000, the yearly cost will be $55-$80 ($0.15 -$0.22 per day) or $2.00 per week, the cost of a cup of coffee.  Any amounts we are able to raise will reduce the final amount we actually need to borrow.  The total cost for the project is expected to be $7,422,000.

Is the Library Getting any Money from the New York Rising Funds that the Village of Washingtonville is to Receive?

Question & Answer, Week of February 2

Is the Library getting any money from the New York Rising Funds that the Village of Washingtonville is to Receive?
The Library has been informed that they should not expect to receive any New York Rising funds. The Village & Town of Blooming Grove are combining their NY Rising funds & using the combined monies for studies of the Moodna & developing flood mitigation projects. The Library is not expecting to receive any NY Rising funds. Should the Town & Village alter their plans for use of the money and the Library then receives any funds, this amount would be deducted from the amount the Library actually borrows. The bond amount of $6,922,000 sets the maximum amount the Library can borrow. Any $ acquired through grants, NY Rising monies or fundraising efforts will reduce the amount borrowed.

How will the Library Sustain and Maintain an Enlarged Library Building?

Question & Answer, Week of January 26

How will the Library sustain and maintain an enlarged Library building?
When we were looking at different design concepts with the architects, we were very cognizant of keeping future costs to a minimum. The open floor plan design we chose enables minimal staff to monitor multiple areas. In addition, by installing new energy efficient building systems, we can minimize energy costs and maintenance. This design plan was developed with an eye towards keeping the cost of constructing the building down, keeping future maintenance and staff costs down and maximizing the use of the space to provide the community with the services it depends on.

What is a School District Public Library?

Question & Answer, Week of January 19

What is a School District Public Library?
The Moffat Library is considered a “School District Library,” because it serves the same residents of Blooming Grove, Hamptonburgh and New Windsor that are served by the Washingtonville Central School District. However, the Library is independent of the school system and relies on residents voting on its own separate budget every year.