’81 Washingtonville Wizards Documentary

Back in February Moffat Reference Librarian, Matt Thorenz, was contacted by researchers from NFL Films, who were working on a short documentary on the 1981 Washingtonville Wizards football team, who went undefeated and won the conference championship for the first time in their 12-year history.

We provided them with access to our archives of the Orange County Post, as well as research help in directing them to local alumni organizations, media outlets, and library archives over the course of their research. The film was aired on national television last week and is now available to view on YouTube here: Remembering a Special Championship | NFL Films Presents – YouTube

All of the newspaper clippings from the Orange County Post featured in this film came from the Moffat Library. You’ll also note at the end the framed map of Washingtonville from the 1903 Atlas of Orange County, which we have a copy of here in our collections as well.