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3348 Route 208
Building 2, Suite 2
Campbell Hall, NY 10916
Phone: (845)496-5483
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Family Fun Pass

A unique program for the patrons of the Moffat Library of Washingtonville

The Moffat Library circulates a family pass to selected museums and other educational and fun activities within a comfortable drive from Washingtonville. The passes entitle you to discounts and/or free admission. Rules for each site differ. Ask at the Circulation Desk for details.

    Participating sites include:

    Borrowers must be adult Moffat Library patrons in good standing and a $25 deposit and a picture I.D. will be required. Family Fun Passes have a loan period of three days.

    Stop in or call the Library at (845) 496-5483 to find out the details.


    1. Borrower must be a Moffat Library patron in good standing.
    2. Borrower must be an adult.
    3. A photo ID is required.
    4. A $25 cash deposit is required for each pass, to be refunded when pass is returned. The deposit will be forfeited if the pass is not returned on time. If the pass is lost, patron will forfeit deposit and will have to pay the full membership cost of the pass. Forfeiture of a deposit prohibits further participation in the program.
    5. Passes may be reserved ahead of time, but the same family may not take the same pass more than one time in a 2-month period.
    6. Loan times will vary depending on the activity.
    7. Passes must be returned on the due date marked on the check out receipt. They may be returned in the book drop.
    8. If a reserved pass is not going to be used, cancellation must take place at least 24 hours before scheduled pick up date. Otherwise, future use of the program will be forfeited.