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Campbell Hall, NY 10916
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Restore. Renew. Reimagine.

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Updated Timeline

Everyone is eager to return to our beautiful historic Moffat Library building in the center of Washingtonville.  In 2013 The Library Board of Trustees formed a special building committee to work on this project.  The committee includes library trustees, the library director, and members of the community.

To show our progress, listed here are the steps taken to reach the goal of returning to the Moffat Library building and what we expect to happen in the near future.

Click here for our timeline to restore, renew & reimagine the Moffat Library.

Demolition for New Moffat Library Car Park Completed

The two buildings at 16 & 18-20 West Main Street were demolished on Monday, August 10, 2015.  90% of the demolished materials will be recycled.

The space created will provide for a new parking lot to accommodate approximately 25-30 vehicles, as well as a small addition for the newly Restored, Renewed and Re-Imagined Moffat Library.

The fully renovated 6 West Main Library building is currently scheduled to open September 2017.

Moffat Library of Washingtonville Bond Referendum Passage

PRESS RELEASE – March 27, 2015

The Moffat Library of Washingtonville is pleased to announce that the $6.922 million bond referendum, which will enable the library to restore, renew and re-imagine its 1887 Historic Landmark Moffat Library building, passed with resounding support on March 3, 2015.  The vote tally of 733 yes votes and 289 no clearly showed how much the community values its public library.

Site preparation work will start this spring, with the primary construction beginning in the spring of 2016.  The main construction project is expected to take between 13-18 months.  It is anticipated that the library will reopen in the historic Moffat Library building in the early fall of 2017.

The Moffat Library Board of Trustees would like to thank the staff, the Friends of Moffat Library and the many volunteers who helped in this successful endeavor.  This outcome would not have been possible without their unwavering dedication.  Sincerest thanks.  And last, but certainly not least, many thanks to the community who came out to vote and showed their support of Moffat Library in a very real and tangible way.

Thank you!

March 3 Referendum Vote

Information on the Upcoming Library Referendum Vote

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The Referendum vote on the Historic Moffat Library Building Project is taking place on 3/3/15 from 6 AM – 9 PM at the Moffat Library, 3348 Route 208, Building 2, Suite 2, Campbell Hall, N.Y.

Applications for Absentee Ballot Applications can be applied for at the Washingtonville Central School District, Office of the School District Clerk, 52 West Main Street, Washingtonville, New York 10992.  Absentee Ballot application must be received by 5PM, Tuesday, Feb. 24.

The Moffat Library News from Your Board of Trustees

The Library staff and the Board of Trustees have spent the last several months meeting with community groups to tell everyone about the exciting plans for the renovation and restoration of the historic Moffat Library building. Library director Carol McCrossen has prepared a powerpoint presentation which vividly shows the building’s present condition, as well as the plans for its future. A youtube version of the presentation is now available from the Library’s website. Also available at the Library & on the Library’s website is a brochure which provides answers to many of the questions residents have been asking about the building project.

One of the most significant questions being asked is what will be in the renovated Library. How will it be different from what we have now at the temporary location or at the historic Moffat Library building before the flooding? The revitalized, and restored library will be a building suited to a community in the 21st century. Not only will it have modern technology, but it will be designed as a sustainable building. The building will maximize natural lighting, incorporating light harvesting mechanisms & adjustable switches to keep costs down. In addition, the open floor plan will maximize staff availability to patrons while minimizing the need for hiring of additional staff.

Will the building be safe from future flooding? Keeping in mind the need to mitigate future flooding problems, all mechanical systems will now be above ground. The sidewalks, parking lot and park like landscape are designed to control water flow and lessen the likelihood of flood waters entering the building.

Our renovated and expanded building will include the following features:

  • Safe and Contemporary Children’s Room
  • Teen Space and Afterschool Program Space
  • Glassed-in Adult Reading Section
  • Conference Room for Tutoring or Home Office Meetings
  • Community Meeting Room for up to 64 People
  • Local History Room
  • Kitchenette for Event Use
  • Sustainable Design Features
  • Park-like Landscaped Setting
  • Ample Parking for 30

The bond vote is scheduled for March 3, 2015. Voting will take place at the Moffat Library temporary building in Campbell Hall from 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM. The amount of the bond is $6,922,000. An active fundraising campaign has begun and to date $621,000 has been raised. The Library is using $500,000 it has in its capital reserves towards the project. Senator Larkin has secured a state grant of $50,000. In addition, a NYS Library Construction grant has been secured for $62,000. We have also collected $6,750 in private donations and other grants are being pursued. All of this will lower the actual amount that will need to be borrowed as the project progresses. The cost to an individual family/homeowner may be up to $55-$80/year.

– The Board of Trustees of Moffat Library

Restoration and Renovation of Historic West Main Building Moves Forward


Historic Moffat Building Design Plan Completed!

After gathering input from the community and months of discussions with our building committee, staff and community members, our architects Paul Mays and Meghan Brennen have completed the schematic design work. The plans are available for viewing at the Moffat Library’s temporary Route 208 building in Campbell Hall.

Our renovated and expanded building will include the following features:
Community meeting room for 64 people
Small conference room for tutoring or home office meetings
Teen gathering area
Expanded children’s room
Children’s craft/program room
Kitchenette for event use
Improved access to technology for the whole community

Energy saving mechanicals
Glassed-in area for pleasant adult reading section
Park-like landscaped setting
Local history display and research area
Friends of the Moffat Library sale area
Ample parking

Much background work has also been going on. Members of the Library Board have met with the Washingtonville School Superintendent, Robbie Greene, to share the goals and plans for the renovation. She expressed her enthusiasm for the return of Moffat Library to the village and discussed opportunities for the school and the library to partner on consolidated services to achieve cost savings. Professional firms have been brought in to evaluate the property, search for hazardous materials that might be encountered, and assess the structural integrity of the Moffat building. The firm of U.W. Marx has been hired as construction manager for the project. They have extensive experience in library and historic building projects.

A fundraising campaign has begun and grants are being applied for which will help defray some of the costs. To date we have raised $505,000. Our financial advisors have indicated that, on an average house in our area, with a fair market value of $250,000-300,000, the yearly cost will be $55-80 per household. The library will be seeking to borrow up to $6,922,000. Any additional amounts we are able to raise will reduce the final amount we actually need to borrow. The library website has information explaining how you can make a contribution. The total cost for the project is expected to be $7,422,000.

We are very excited by the prospect of returning to our unique, historic Moffat Building; to again achieving the vision set forth by our original benefactor, David Moffat, and to bring a vital asset back to the village of Washingtonville.

– The Board of Trustees of the Moffat Library, October 2014

Click below to see plans for historic Moffat Library building:


What Will the Project Cost and How Will it be Financed?

Question & Answer, Week of February 8

What Will the Project Cost and How Will it be Financed? 
A fundraising campaign has begun and to date we have raised $621.991. We are also applying for grants which will defray some of the costs. There will be a vote on a bond issue on March 3, 2015 at the Moffat Library temporary location. The Library will be seeking to borrow up to $6,922,000.  Our financial advisors have indicated that on an average house with a fair market value of $250,000-$300,000, the yearly cost will be $55-$80 ($0.15 -$0.22 per day) or $2.00 per week, the cost of a cup of coffee.  Any amounts we are able to raise will reduce the final amount we actually need to borrow.  The total cost for the project is expected to be $7,422,000.

Is the Library Getting any Money from the New York Rising Funds that the Village of Washingtonville is to Receive?

Question & Answer, Week of February 2

Is the Library getting any money from the New York Rising Funds that the Village of Washingtonville is to Receive?
The Library has been informed that they should not expect to receive any New York Rising funds. The Village & Town of Blooming Grove are combining their NY Rising funds & using the combined monies for studies of the Moodna & developing flood mitigation projects. The Library is not expecting to receive any NY Rising funds. Should the Town & Village alter their plans for use of the money and the Library then receives any funds, this amount would be deducted from the amount the Library actually borrows. The bond amount of $6,922,000 sets the maximum amount the Library can borrow. Any $ acquired through grants, NY Rising monies or fundraising efforts will reduce the amount borrowed.